Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tweeters meet with Dr. Tharoor/ ട്വീറ്റേഴ്സ് മീറ്റ് ഡോ ശശിതരൂരിനൊപ്പം

Dr. Tharoor's Speeks an the event Trivandrum Tweetup available online which is covered by Chandrakumar (Angkil)
To download via WAP / GPRS mobile phone code=smhcuizn
The event will be at Hotel Geeth International, same date same time. Please tweet/mail/blog about this following change.

Follow the link for online tweets related with Trivandrum Tweetup

The tweeters meet with Hon Minister Dr. Tharoor at "Hotel Geeth International, Ph. 0471 2471987, Near GPO, Pulimoodu Jn, Trivandrum between 10.30 and 11.30 AM" on 17th November 2009.
Amenties available in this hotel are here

Stay tuned for more news about Trivandrum Tweetup with Dr Shashi Tharoor…

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Thanks to Dr. Brijesh Nair for publishing a blog post.

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