Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An article in Oman Daily by Ashraf Padanna

Ashraf Padanna is a member of Trivandrum Bloggers Group. He was watching the recent discusions on Dr. Tharoor's controversy on Kochi IPL issue. The report includes the opinions of various members of this Group.
The PDF of full news is availble here. On 11th page the report of Ashraf appears with an image which is taken at the time of Twitters/Trivandrum Bloggers meet with Tharoor at Hotel Geeth International. The meet was arranged by the initiative of Kenney Jacob of the same Group.

Thanks to Ashraf Padanna for this report in Oman Daily.

The recent controversy lead us to join here.


keralafarmer said...

Thank you, Dr. Tharoor.
You are a reason for us to join together online without the barriers to fight against the corrupted politics in India. You face jealousy from your own party members. But voters of Trivandrum stands with you, Tharoor, even with the recent controversy's against you. The neutral voters of Trivandrum are powerful than any political party to elect a candidate like you. I feel ashamed of your own party members from Kerala for not supporting on the Kochi IPL issue. I am not in favour of congress, but I would like to congratulate Dr. Manmohan Singh who brought you in to Indian politics. You are a different politician, who can change the joint venture of political irregularities.

Antony said...

“I must lose myself in action, lest I wither in despair.”
Lord Tennyson.

With your knowledge, experience and vitality it is time to get back where you started.

There is so much you can do Dr. Tharoor; TRIVANDRUM awaits you !