Friday, May 7, 2010

This may happen again...

From: ************
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2010 12:09 PM
To: *******************
Cc: ********************
Subject: Bad experience in TVM.
Importance: High

Hi All,

I would like to share about a very bad experience happend to me on Sat night about 8:15pm (01-05-10) near to Kariyavattom junction(near techno park) in TVM.

I was on my way to have my dinner, hotel was near kazakkottam junction hence i caught a bus to get down on the desired destination, however i forgot to take my wallet so i got down from the bus paid the conductor the remaining change which was left in my pocket. On my way back to my room 3 people on bike suddenly rushed near me on bike pushed me down and started hitting me very badly.

Their intention was to steal money , while two persons were manhandling me one was frantically checking my pockets for money as they found that i have no money with me they left me lying on the road and rushed back to thier vehicle. I was badly hurt and my mobile was also broken. I some how managed to get back to my room and scared to inform police as this happend very near to my room and this may happen again...

I want our mangement to make sure that this message reaches everyone hear, alert and inform all to be cautious while coming out late in the evening.



By an enquiry through telephone I got a reply that in this case a complaint had been registered at police station Kazhakkoottam.
You can always call up the highway police at 9846100100 for help


keralafarmer said...

പോലീസുകാരുടെ ജോലി ഹെല്‍മെറ്റ് പിടിത്തവും, പണപ്പിരിവും. കള്ളെപ്പിടിക്കാന്‍ സമയമില്ല. ബിവറേജ് കോര്‍പ്പറേഷന്‍ പൂട്ടേണ്ടിവരരുതല്ലോ. ഇനിയിപ്പോള്‍ ഹെഡ്ലൈര്റും പിടിക്കാം പകല്‍ സമയത്ത്.

Linu Conil said...

Yes, this may happen again. Let all Techies be aware of the happenings around them - and take preventive measures such as moving around in groups etc.

keralafarmer said...

"By an enquiry throgh telephone I got a reply that this case a complaint had been registered at police station Kazhakkoottam."
By his request I removed his name and telephone numbers etc from the blog.